20 Fun Hens Party Theme Ideas

by | Dec 8, 2020

Hens parties are even more of a hoot if your group is in costume. Just think of all the photos you’ll be giggling over later and sharing on instagram.

Get dressed for success with one of these killer themes.

Fun 80s hens party Melbourne

What a Feeling! Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks bring you the best 80’s hens parties.


Turn back time and pull out your old rah-rah skirts, leg warmers and bright eyeshadow and don’t forget to crimp your hair for this fun and fabulous theme.

Team with one of our fun 80’s Dance hens parties and learn a dance to an 80’s classic like Madonna, Whitney or Prince. You can then flashmob the dance at the wedding omg!!

Read more about a wedding flashmob in How a Hens Night Dance Can Be The Ultimate Wedding Surprise.


Did your hen grow up in the 90’s dancing to Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys? Or maybe she was more of a Salt n Pepa and Beastie Boys kinda gal. Either way, this is the theme for her!

Team with one of our fun 90’s Pop or 90’s Hip-Hop hens parties and learn a dance to a song by Britney, Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child or whoever your group likes to shake their booty to.

50’s Rockabilly

Shake, rattle and roll in polka dot dresses, high-waisted skirts and shiny shoes. Get ready with your girlfriends to help each other to perfect that up-do, or just throw a scarf on it!

Team with one of our fun Hula Hooping hens parties

Hula hooping hens party Melbourne, fun hens parties, hens party ideas

Add some hula hoops to your 50’s hens party! Photo by William Keo Photography

20’s Flappers

Think Great Gatsby- fringed dresses, pearl necklaces, feather boas and cigarette holders. This is one classy theme.

Pop Stars!

Dress as your favourite pop star from across the ages. Are you a Britney, Kylie, Madonna, Gaga or Pink? Who’s daring enough to cross-dress and go as MJ, Prince or Jamiroquai??

Team with one of our fun 90’s Pop hens parties

Tight and Bright

Who doesn’t love a bit of spandex in their life? We love a LOT of it! Worried your group is so big that you might lose people throughout the night? Worry not, with this theme you’ll be able to find each other easily as you’re bending and stretching your way through the whole hens party.

Team with one of our fun 80’s Dance hens parties

Hula Hoop Classes Melbourne, Hen's Parties, Team Building, 80s hens party, fun hens parties

Leather and Lace

Does it get any sexier? No, it doesn’t. This one speaks for itself. Prepare to stop traffic and make jaws drop everywhere you go. You might need some bodyguards with this theme. Is Kevin Costner available?

Poolside Tropical

Great for summer! Pina coladas, fruity frocks and flowers in your hair. Even better if you have a house with a pool or you’re beachside but bring the beach to you and tiki the F out of your venue.

Team with one of our fun Hula Hooping hens parties

Hens party theme ideas Melbourne

Glitter and Glam

Shine bright like a diamond in sequins, glitter and anything that sparkles.

Let’s Get Physical

Olivia Newton John told us to do it and we all squatted, lunged and leg-lifted in response… or at least our mums did! Dig out your old fitness gear or go on an op shop hunt for leotards, leggings, leg warmers and don’t forget your sweat bands!

Team with one of our fun 80’s Dance hens parties

80s dance hens party, hens parties Melbourne, hens party ideas

End of the World

Oh no! What would you be wearing to a wedding if the world was really ending? Think Mad Max, or be creative and decide what you would want to wear if the world was really ending. Maybe you’d just roller skate everywhere wearing a cape and helmet. Safety first!

Boogie Nights

Platforms, afro wigs, roller skates, flared pants and jumpsuits. Bring out your inner disco diva and bling it back to the 70’s.

Team with one of our fun Hula Hooping hens parties

Fun hens party ideas Melbourne, hens parties, hula hooping hens parties, best hens parties

Photo by William Keo Photography

I See Red

Or blue, yellow, purple or any colour of the rainbow. Pick a colour for everyone to dress in. What’s your hens favourite colour? Another one where it’s going to be hard to lose your group. And think of the photos!

Getting Wiggy With It

Bad hair day? Not a problem, put a wig on it! What better way to go incognito for the night and take on a new character. This party always gets a lot of laughs and the wig style will inspire a fabulous outfit.

hens party rock, hens party theme, best hens parties Melbourne

My favourite band when I was 12, Poison

Glam Rock

If hair metal bands are your thing then this is your theme! Big hair, dramatic make-up, face paint, leather pants and a tough attitude.

Team with one of our fun 80’s Dance hens parties and learn a dance to a song by one of those bands who still make you pull out your air guitar.

Fashion Don’ts

Get ready for a lot of giggles and very bad fashion. What have you got in your wardrobe that you have a love/hate relationship with and can never bear to wear.

Prom Night

A classic fave. It’s not hard to find an 80’s prom dress at your local op shop. Taffeta, puffy sleeves and an oversized bow stuck anywhere it can land. Don’t forget to crimp your hair!

Team with one of our fun 80’s Dance hens parties

White Wedding

Why should the bride have all the wedding dress fun? Either come all in white or even better, all in white wedding dresses. Again this will probably require a trip to the op shop, but who doesn’t love op shopping? The worst wedding dress wins a prize!

Want to top this theme off by learning a dance to Billy Idol’s White Wedding? We can help you!

White wedding hens party Melbourne, wedding planning, hens party

Pretty in Pink

Molly Ringwald was definitely onto something and this is a colour that comes in many glorious shades. Come dressed like Molly or find whatever pink bits you can to fit in with the theme. We actually got this idea from one of our hens who chose this theme for her 80’s Dance hens party.

Hen’s Fave Hobby

Is she a netballer, obsessed with gardening or gym or yoga junkie? Maybe she just loves soaking up some rays and working on her tan. Surprise your hen by arriving to the party looking just like her. She will lose her s*&t!!

Once you’ve picked your theme, you’ll need to plan the rest of the party. Download our FREE guide 6 Tips for Planning The Best Hens Party Ever.

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Written by Jane Fondle