6 Tips for Planning the Best Hens Party Ever

by | May 3, 2021

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  1. Plan early

The sooner you can send out a ‘save the date’ the better. Everyone is busy and if you don’t know that now, you’re going to learn it fast! The earlier you lock the guests in, the more chance your hen will have all of her favourite people at the party.

If you’re booking events for the day- workshops, dinner, etc, you want to be able to get your pick of the bunch at the location and time that works for your group so get in early to get what you want, what you really really want.

Start 3 months prior to the hen party date and you’ll be laughing all the way to the party!

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  1. Gather your guest list and get them to commit

Your hen might have 30 people on the invitation list but how many are actually going to be able to commit? Probably around 20 of them. Between prior engagements, logistical difficulties, overseas holidays and last minute kid sickness, that list is going to dwindle.

Get your guests to lay down some cash early so you’re not the one stuck with a bill at the end of the day. You’ll probably need to put down a deposit and commit to minimum numbers for the different activities you book for the day and after all the hard work planning and hustling everyone, you don’t want to be out of pocket financially.

  1. Tailor the party to your hen and her group

She’s not your average gal so make sure she remembers her party forever by choosing activities that you know she’ll love. Also keep budget in mind and don’t plan that trip to Bali before you’ve carefully sussed out how much everyone is able to spend.

Take a look at The Best Dance Themes for an Unbeatable Hens Night for some fresh and fun ideas.

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  1. Have fun with a theme

Picking a theme for your party will make it even more fun and memorable. Choose something unique, fun and even funny for extra giggles on the day.

Check out 20 Fun Hens Party Theme Ideas for a list of fabulous options.

  1. Steady on with the booze!

Ever seen a group of incredibly drunk and messy ladies staggering down Chapel street or Sydney Road, carrying their heels and yelling obnoxiously, make-up running down their face and it’s not even 6pm? Don’t be them! Try to limit the amount of alcohol everyone will be drinking throughout the day.

Plan some fun activities that don’t involve downing multiple cocktails at 2pm. Make sure you soak up the alcohol with lots of food and don’t forget to hydrate with good ol’ H2O.

No one wants to wake up with a banging hangover and embarrassing photos from the night before, so help your group maintain their reputation for keeping it classy.

  1. Break the ice

Not everyone in the group will know each other before the hens party and unless you’re all keeping up with the Kardashians, there might be some introverts in the group.

Don’t leave the shy girls standing in the corner, start the day with some fun ‘getting to know you’ games. Check out our awesome 10 Hens Party Games to Get Your Party Started!

Have fun planning your party!

By Jane Fondle