by | Jan 10, 2024

The ideal hen party should start with meeting at someone’s house or at a bar or park, playing a few ‘getting to know you’ games and then heading out for a day/night of FUN! Remember not everyone in the group is necessarily going to know each other before the hen’s day, so playing some fun games is a great way to connect before you all see each other again at the wedding. 

Don’t leave the shy sister of the groom feeling left out. Create an inclusive environment for the whole group, before you get stuck into the serious fun. Let’s get the party started with some fun ice-breakers that will create joy, bonding and guaranteed giggles. 

Party names 

This is a great one to lead into one of our themed dance parties. We often play this at the start of our parties, to get everyone on the right vibe (spoiler alert!). But there’s no reason why you can’t play this before you dance with us. Whatever your theme for the day- 80s, 90s, millennium, disco, hip-hop, pop or theme of your choice… what’s your name that fits with that theme? Eg. Sally Splits, Suzie Squattro, Old Spice, Pasha Fierce. 

Give everyone a few minutes to brainstorm their party name, then go around the circle and everyone can introduce themselves with their new persona. We have a second part to this game which always gets a laugh, but we’ll leave that for the dance party. 

For party theme ideas, check out our blog The Best Dance Themes for an Unbeatable Hens Night.

How do you know her?

The name says it all and it saves you from awkwardly asking people individually. Go around the circle and tell everyone how you know the bride-to-be. 

Funniest story you have about the hen

This is a nice link to the above game and can be a second time around the circle or stick with one time around and everyone says how they know the hen and also tells a funny story about them. 

The Groom Quiz

Before the party, ask the groom a series of questions about himself and the couple’s relationship. During the party, the Hen answers the same questions. Let’s see how good her memory is!

Bridal Trivia

Next up, let’s dive into a round of Bridal Trivia. Test the group’s knowledge about the bride with personalised questions that range from sweet memories to quirky habits. It’s a heartwarming activity that not only rouses cute throwbacks but also guarantees laughter and a closer bond among the group. Here’s some Q’s to get you started:

  • How did she meet the groom?
  • What’s her dance floor jam? 
  • What’s her favourite drink?
  • When was her first kiss and who was it with?
  • Who was her celebrity crush as a teen?


Create a flash mob dance to take to the streets. We can help you with this, it’s absolutely our jam! If you’ve got a dance teacher in the group, you’re in luck. Though they might want to kick back and enjoy the party, so call on us- we’ve got you. Meet us at one of our many studios or we’ll come to you at your venue. We’ll teach your whole group a sassy dance to a d-floor banger, that will have you whirling, twirling and maybe even twerking. You can flashmob the dance in the streets, later at the club or of course… at the wedding! 

Dress the Bride: A Creative Fashion Frenzy

This one is perfect for bringing out the creativity in your group. Dividing into teams armed with newspaper (or biodegradable garbage bags), scissors and sticky tape, challenge each team to design the most stunning (or hilarious!) wedding gown for the bride in 15 minutes. It’s a riot of fun, creativity, and a surefire way to create Instagram-worthy memories.

Dare karma

This one is definitely for groups with a good sense of humour… and who like to take risks. Team up in pairs and write a dare for the bride to carry out at sometime during the party. But wait for it… you then announce to everybody that in fact, they have to complete their own dare. Those who were really trying to embarrass her are going to quickly regret it! 

Two Truths and a Lie, Hen’s Edition 

We all know this game. Each guest shares two truths and one lie about their experiences or relationship with the Hen, or a fun fact about her. Others have to guess which one is the lie.

Advice for the Hen 

She’s about to go from Miss to Mrs. Do you have a little advice for her? Guests write down their advice for the Hen on pieces of paper. These can range from funny to heartfelt and can be read aloud or saved for the Hen to read later.

Our top pick to keep the party vibes pumping is learning a sassy dance routine to one of the hen’s fave songs. Picture this: the bride and her squad, guided by a professional dance instructor, mastering moves that not only leave the hen feeling sassy and empowered but also create a surprise flash mob moment at the wedding. It’s not just a dance; it’s a celebration of laughter, camaraderie, and pure happiness. 

So there you have it- our top 10 activities to get your hen party started. Remember that fun, connection and laughter are the heartbeat of your celebration. Whether you’re werqin’ it with a dance routine, reminiscing with Bridal Trivia, unleashing creativity with Dress the Bride, or tricking the guests with Dare Karma, the key is to revel in the laughter and create memories that resonate long after the party ends.

For more insights into the happiness-inducing power of dance, check out hoopsthighsbuttocks.com. Let’s make your hen party an ode to happiness, celebration, and unforgettable moments! 💃🎉👰✨