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Gold Coast

Byron Bay

Build the best workplace you can with one of our Motivating and Hilarious team-building workshops.

Give your employees the werk environment they have always wanted with our unique, fun and motivating workshops.

There’s no better way to:

  • Boost morale
  • Improve employee job satisfaction
  • Promote a healthy and happy workplace
  • Transform your workplace into a retro fitness dream

Let’s Get Physical!

Have a giggle as you try to spin a hula hoop or bust out your favourite 80’s dance moves while wearing an epic mullet wig.

Our Team Building workshops can be taught in-person or online. The best workshops options for zooming in live are:

80s Dance

Retro Fitness

90s/00s Hip-Hop

For in-person workshops, Hula Hooping is the most popular and we can mix in a retro theme- 80s, 90s, etc. We’ll create a bangin’ playlist to bring on the nostalgic vibes.

Prices start from $597 and we’ll throw in a hula hoop for your workplace to keep so your team can Werq.It.Out in the office every day.

Let ‘Team Werq It’ take care of bizness!

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