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Jane Fondle

Creator and Boss Lady of Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks, Jane Fondle is all about getting physical. Starting out as a star in her parent’s lounge room, she then took it to the streets at age 7, surprising her neighbours by busking at their doorstep, singing and dancing “We built this city on rock and roll”. As a teenager Fondle finally found an outlet for dancing onstage in a fabulous costume and became a National Aerobics champion. She then moved on to become the world Twister champion (true story!). Disaster struck during a bad g-string leotard incident in a fit of Flashdancing victory, leaving her unable to walk for some time (story slightly embellished). Once rehabilitated she discovered hula hooping as a great way to work out in her lounge room while fleeing from societal shame. After 15 years of hooping she’s feeling at peace with a movement medium based on thrusting the hips. Fondle has developed her own hula hooping style, incorporating 80s/90s dance, aerobics and comedy. She now travels the world, training, teaching and performing at international hula hoop retreats. Bouncing between Melbourne and Byron Bay, Fondle spends her time choreographing, creating, performing, running hilarious hens parties and team-building sessions and teaching students of all ages and levels the fine arts of hula hooping and expressive 80s dance.

Flexi Lexi

Flexi Lexi is all about the booty popping, hip-hop dropping dancing fun! She’s a maniac on the floor and has trained in all styles of dance, so we like to think of her as a quadriple threat. Teaching and performing for the past 10 years, we’re lucky to have this babe in our teaching squad to bring the booty dance, 90’s hip-hop and 80’s dance fun to our hens parties and corporate workshops alike.
She’s sure to make you smile, laugh and giggle while learning all the sickest dance moves! It really is an experience being in Flexi Lexi’s dance class.

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A life-long fan of moving and dancing, Sooz spent 17 years training and performing Irish dance, jigging her way to 6x Australian Champion. She went on to teach all the Erins and Sineads their reels and hornpipes for close to a decade.
After quitting the curly wig, fake tan and poodle sock world, Sooz found herself looking for a fun way to still get her kicks. When she came across hula hooping, she didn’t own a pair of hotpants, but was intrigued by exercise that used body parts other than legs! Soon Sooz was getting hoopy every day. Armed with a growing arsenal of sparkly hotpants and hula hoops, the scientist-by-day grew into her hooper-by-night alter ego, Soozyloops.
With a love for all things hoop, Sooz is excited to be a part of the Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks crew and to inspire others to find their own loopy alter ego! 

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Shona Hooplova

Shona is a hoop swinging hottie from the rough streets of Wollongong (The Gong) where she first picked up a hoop at the tender age of 9 and hasn’t stopped since. She is a circus girl through and through with a passion for fun tricks with a big WOW.
Not only is she a multi hoop champion but also funny lady to boot, with her own fast talking, hoop spinning, rope jumping solo street show which she just toured for 5 months in Europe.
Shona has taught, performed and trained her way all over the world but has recently moved to Melbourne to hoop it on down with the coolest hoopers in Oz!

Punky Hoopster

Punky is the new kid on the block who’s got hoops of street cred.
From sequined synchronized swimming, to brutal water polo, from being a classical flautist, to playing the tuba in a gypsy death-core band; Punky Hoopster likes to play in the extremes! After her hit sitcom finished airing, Punky found herself (and her dog Brandon) ready for a new identity. Desperate to escape the paparazzi in Hollywood, she decided to move far away to Australia to start a new life. Upon arrival she was welcomed into a hula hooping tribe where she learned her rad moves and was given the new name of Punky Hoopster. With her interest in experimental hula hoop and training in dance improvisation and serious clowning ….she finds herself here…doing choreography to Madonna? —-Extreme!!! Punky gets funky with timeless dance-moves, to stretch and flex her way to – Punky Power!

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Halo Hooper

Halo Hooper is a hula hooping, roller skating, disco dancing qween who has been dancing her whole life. She started spinning fire poi in 2000 before she developed a passion for the hoop a few years later. Halo has performed at all sorts of Melbourne events over the past 15 years and you may have seen her roller skating or hooping by the St Kilda foreshore or skating to her day job.
Among her many performance personas, Halo performs as Amazing Rollergirl, spinning an LED hula hoop while pulling off some sick skate moves…. this babe’s got talent!
Hardly ever seen without a stunning costume, on skates or with her hoops, Halo is ready to show you what she got and help you to werq your magic in the hoop!

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